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AlphaGenics uses genetics to develop personalized consumer lifestyle products that people can use today, everyday.

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About AlphaGenics

AlphaGenics was formed to commercialize genomics science with scientifically-based products aimed at the consumer lifestyle market. Consumer lifestyle includes physical appearance, mental performance, dating, and identity security. We leverage the extraordinary technological advances taking place in biotechnology, computers and telecommunications that now enable businesses to develop and deliver focused, personalized products wrapped around a person’s normal genes. These technologies include high density microarrays that measure thousands of genes, powerful computer processing with mass storage capabilities that permits the capture, storage and real-time processing of massive amounts of relevant lifestyle and health data about each person, and wireless-cellular technologies that permit virtually instantaneous information exchange anywhere, anytime.

While most of a person’s genes are normal and operate normally most of the time, there’s always room for improvement. What could be more practical than personalized, gene-based products that improve how a person looks and feels?

We focus on consumer lifestyle issues and day-to-day living because consumers are willing to invest for lifestyle solutions, and because we can deliver a positive, immediate use of genetics that relates to them as individuals. We obtain a person’s genetic data by analyzing their DNA from cheek cells. This genetic data goes into a proprietary database, which provides a powerful development tool to configure new types of food and nutraceutical products that can quickly capitalize on emerging market opportunities. We identify new product opportunities by asking which lifestyle problems we can solve using a person's genetic profile data. If a large market need can be satisfied by a personalized, gene-associated product, we then evaluate existing technology and science to identify what is needed to quickly bring a product to market. Our product development incorporates scientific knowledge about human genetics, in particular the way normal genes work and how diet and lifestyle influences genetic activity.

Our vision is that people will buy gene-based products that let them feel better about themselves and make them happier. We have no real regulatory challenges with this approach because we are not focused on disease or drugs or medical diagnostics. The market targets are large, over a billion dollars each. The markets are highly fragmented and the competing solutions have weaknesses that our solutions address. Our target markets include personal performance, security, vanity, personal relationships, and personal comfort.

Our focus is on the positive parts of people’s lives, not disease. This opens new, large markets because consumers adopt and buy things they enjoy. Consumers are ready for the normal upside of genetics. Most of a person’s 30,000 genes are related to natural biochemical, physiologic processes and to gradual changes associated with growth and maturity. In other words, most of our genes are “normal.” Focusing on “normal” instead of disease creates opportunities for consumer lifestyle products that are genetic information based. AlphaGenics harnesses genetic information to provide solutions that are practical, personalized and convenient. Consumers demand convenience and portability, and want to find “me” in every transaction. People want to feel good about what they buy, and what people buy makes a statement about their identity.

AlphaGenics’ products are not drugs or medical devices, do not require regulatory approval, and can be brought to market in less than one year. They incorporate off-the-shelf technologies in novel and patentable gene-based applications. Patents are pending for JeneJuice™, SkyGene™ and The Authenticator. The target markets are global and large, exceeding a billion dollars in annual potential revenue. Our market roll-out plan includes strategic alliances with one or more multi-national companies in the food and/or electronics markets.

Each of these products has enormous potential for improving everyday life for all age groups. They provide people with their own personal road map for areas of their soul they want to explore (whether they are genetically gifted for music or superior athletically). They help people reach their own personal potential, and will provide reassurance that they are on a good path. They can be deployed around the world, competing in global markets that include Japan, Korea, China and the European Union. They let people have greater control over their everyday life, which translates into peace of mind and greater happiness. This is why these products will succeed. The genetic data from each customer will be highly secured and not shared with third parties. This will help build public confidence.

We expect our gene-profile database to become the world’s largest within three years. This will enhance our ability to uncover new, focused and effective ingredient combinations that can be appropriately developed and packaged into functional foods, nutraceuticals and medications. We plan to out-license many of these discoveries to companies with established market channels that can accelerate market entry and growth.

The genetic profile database will be analyzed using proprietary mathematical methods to develop new products. Our product development uses systems integration approaches where the data is about a person’s genes, and the integrated technologies include methods to simultaneously identify and measure thousands of genes in a person, microelectronics, computer processing and storage, and telecommunications. Each person’s genetic and lifestyle data is integrated with scientific knowledge relating to foods, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic devices, health, and lifestyle behavior.

Our philosophy is simple: people want to be in charge of their life and health – so provide gene-based personalized products that let them accomplish this. 

  • People know their genes play a major role in defining who they are as individuals. They know that everybody is different, so they want products that satisfy their personal needs. It’s all about “me” in the consumer marketplace.


  • People know that what they eat and how they live influences their happiness, well-being and health. Every person wants to be happier today. Every person wants to be seen as normal, and to be at their best. People want products that are configured around their genetic individuality to help them better reach these goals.


By providing personalized, genetic-related products that improve a person’s lifestyle, we empower consumers to take more control over their lives. Our product development flows from one simple concept: focus on how normal genes work, and provide lifestyle products that give people more enjoyment in life, immediately.


The market for personalized products based on genetics will grow as genetic testing costs drop and knowledge grows. Entering the consumer market with gene-based personalized products that focus on normal genes provides a unique opportunity to establish market dominance in a market that will grow rapidly.

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