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Genes turn on and off, run at variable speeds, run at constant speed, or are slowly changing speed. Each of us make regular adjustments in what we do in order to accommodate and anticipate the changes in how our genes actually work, even if we donít do so purposely.


Every gene is controlled by its environment. The environment includes other genes and the biochemical soup (nutrients, minerals, electrolytes, water, naturally accruing hormones, toxins, and other chemicals) in the cell. The biochemical soup is formed from what each person absorbs into the body through the mouth, nose, and skin.


In the past, it has been incredibly hard to obtain health and to keep healthy, because most of the methods used were based in trial and error. What works for your friend or cousin doesn't work for you. Science has repeatedly shown that differences in what a person puts into his or her body create differences in what happens to that personís health.


Every food contains hundreds of chemicals, many of which interact with a personís genes to shape that personís health. For example, the ordinary tomato has 359 different chemicals. Each chemical can potentially influence one or more genes in a person, depending on which genes that person has and what those genes are doing. Another example is vitamin A, which can influence and change genetic activity in over 500 of the 30,000 genes a person might have. Each gene can be off or on, and when on can be very active or less active, depending on the body a person has. 

AlphaGenics uses systems biology methods built to understand diet-genome interactions, and to relieve users of the burden of having to personally learn lots chemistry, computing, and genetics. Advances in genomics such as the gene-on-a-chip technology that can actually measure what each of your 30,000 genes is doing allow AlphaGenics to track a personís genes and calculate their trajectory, or glide path. If a gene is moving towards producing poor health, it may be possible to change that path by modulating the personís dietary input material. It is also possible to affect a gene that, while not moving toward bad health, could be moved to a better trajectory to increase a persons physical or mental performance.


Directive Genomics, therefore, is comparable to gene-traffic controller, helping each person better guide genes that without that control would place them at risk.

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