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The MyLife GPS - using your genetic map to locate where you are, and to help you chart a course based on where you want to go.

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MyGene DaVinci™

Using the MyLife GPS to locate you in your genetic map

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MyGene DaVinci is the first DNA test that exclusively identifies your genetic map for normal functions such as dance, creativity, how food tastes, athletics, personality and weight control. MyGene DaVinci is now in beta release and can be obtained by contacting us at DaVinci@alpha-genics.com.

Most of our genes are working to keep us alive every day. They relate to our natural biological processes. In other words, for all practical purposes, most of our genes relate to “normal” functons. So why not learn something about positive genetic potential for yourself or your family.

AlphaGenics is the first company to use and package normal genetic information into practical products that people can use everyday. MyGene™ uses information about normal, non-disease genes so that people can understand their genetic potential for things like dance, art, music, sports and social interaction.

MyGene DaVinci™ Description

MyGene DaVinci™ provides valuable information about a person's genetic tendencies and strengths. You can learn more about the "nature" part of your nature/nurture equation. This can help you make better decisions and provide you more control over your life.

Examples of such genes include dance, spirituality, taste and smell,athletics, mental processing, and personality. There are genes for romance, empathy and forgiveness. Genetics influences ear wax formation, creativity, perseverance, adventure seeking, tongue curling, toe wriggling, dance creativity, and the ability to accurately hear musical tones.

These are all part of a person’s normal makeup. Some are fun; others are more important depending on who you are. What MyGene DaVinci™ does is let you peek inside your own body to learn more about yourself in a positive way.


Singles and Relationships Markets

MyGene DaVinci™ can help parents who want to learn more about their child's potential. It makes an ideal gift from grandparents.

Privacy: AlphaGenics will not sell or distribute a person’s genetic information, and will use the strongest possible internal security to ensure data safety and integrity.



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