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Making Life Better - We're all Normal

And Different


A group at Stanford University reduced athletic injuries by 44% using data about 100 different genes. The athletes learned about how their genetic blueprint related to their nutrition and injuries.

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Make Smarter Decisions To Be Healthy and Well

Know how your genetic blueprint impacts

your everyday functions

Why continue the same failed paths to lost weight, be more fit, and be happy? Isn't it time to take control of your life? We think so. Which is why we turned to understanding how DNA makes everyone different, and normal. 

It's obvious that how your body processes nutrients is not the same as your neighbor's. So why should you expect the latest diet craze to work for you? The simple fact is that only 1 out of 20 dieters actually lose weight and keep it off. Those are crazy odds.

We focus on your DNA in a special way. We focus on everyday, normal function. And how your normal DNA can impact your nutrition and lifestyle. Some people process a vitamin very quickly. Others more slowly. The fast metabolizers therefore need more, and the slow metabolizers less. 

This is your nutrition and metabolic baseline.A simple cheek swab provides the DNA to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. Now you can use objective science to figure out what actions can enhance your strengths and offset your weaknesses. MyGene provides focus. Stop guessing.

Developing a mobile application that will let you scan product labels with your smart phone, and receive back instant scores on how well that product's nutrients actually match your genetic blueprint.

A whole new guide to nutrition.


 Genetic Blueprints  


Scientific research discovered how DNA differences impact our lives. Here are some examples:

Altruism and social orientation
Caffeine metabolism
Cognitive Function
Dance creativity
Delayed sleep
Evening person
Earwax Type
Learning from Mistakes
Friendship and political ideology
Higher BMI
Impulsive behavior
Knee Strength
Morning person
Muscle strength
Partisanship voting
Physical Performance/Endurance
Resiliency to stress
Sexual behavior
Sugar intake
Voting and Religious attendance
Weight control
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